Tom Ambrose

  • Position: Probationer Teacher
  • Location: Stirling, UK

My name is Tom Ambrose. I am currently a Teacher of RMPS in Stirling High School, Stirling, Scotland. I completed my undergraduate degree at the University of Aberdeen in 2011. I studied a combined course of Philosophy and Religious Studies looking at a wide range of areas, but finally focussing on Religious Dimensions of philosophies/political ideologies that are traditionally considered non-religious, finally writing my dissertation on the Juche Philosophy of North Korea.

After completing my undergraduate degree I moved to Thailand to teach English as an additional language to a full range of students from adults to kindergarten. Moving back to Scotland I enrolled in the PGDE Religious Studies programme at the University of Aberdeen, which gave me my first experience of teaching in Scottish Schools. Both of my placement schools were in Fife: Madras College in St. Andrews and Dunfermline High School in Dunfermline. I was placed at Lornshill Academy in Alloa for my probation year before joining Stirling High School as a permanent member of staff in October 2016.

I am very passionate about RMPS and its delivery in schools. I think it allows young people to explore both the people and the world around them in their own way, and by better understanding those things, young people will be better equipped to develop themselves and their health and well-being. During my time as a teacher, I have taught a huge variety of different topics in RMPS as well as topics in other subject areas. I have also had experience in being a PSE teacher and form tutor which have also given me a chance to interact with young people in a unique way.

Ready project: Although I started my teaching career abroad, I never taught RMPS or anything similar during that time. I was briefly involved with some resource sharing and conversations about the subject with RE colleagues in Germany through the PGDE course. This project is a great opportunity for the teachers involved to share best practice and as well as to learn about how the subject is delivered in different cultures.