Rhianna Stewart

  • Position: Probationer Teacher
  • Location: Aberdeen, UK

About Me: My name is Rhianna Stewart. I am currently living in Aberdeen, however I spent my childhood in Singapore where I lived and experienced a diverse multi faith society both in school and in everyday living. At secondary school, I attended a sport boarding school in Tavistock, Devon in England, which was primarily single faith school. I am currently studying a PGDE in Religious, Moral and Philosophical Studies (RMPS) at the University of Aberdeen. I have just completed my first school placement at Old Machar Academy and am away to start at Dyce Academy. I am also juggling my studies with my job as a professional swimming coach to master swimmers triathletes and ironmen. When I am not studying or working, I am often found at the gym, baking or cuddling my two cats, Arwen and Elwing.

Studies: I hold a Master’s of Science degree in Environmental Anthropology (University of Aberdeen). I studied a diverse range of cultures and their beliefs with a particular focus upon the beliefs of the Aborigine and Inuit culture. I focused my dissertation upon how those with visual impairments perceive and navigate their environments, ranging from those with complete visual impairment and those with only slight. I also hold a B.Sc. in Sports and Social Science (University of Bath), where I focused my interests upon the philosophy and psychology of sport. For my undergraduate dissertation, I coordinated with the SPRINZ labs in Auckland, New Zealand to study the mental toughness levels in Olympic Swimming coaches and their swimmers.

Religious and Moral Education: I am incredibly passionate about RMPS and believe it to be a crucial subject within the school curriculum.  There are multiple faiths from numerous cultures across the world, and I believe it is important to understand the reasoning behind people’s actions and beliefs in order to create a more harmonious and understanding society.

During my teaching I have taught a variety of topics, including: Evil and Suffering, The Supernatural, Introduction to World Religions, Crime and Punishment, Gangs and the Good Samaritan, Euthanasia, Organ Donation, Brain Death, Islamophobia, Jihad, Utilitarianism, PTSD, Weapons of Mass Destruction, Recovering Post-War Countries and the Protection of Vulnerable People during Armed Conflict.

READY Project: In line with my colleagues, I have had no experience of teaching RMPS abroad, and I am particularly interested to see the similarities and differences and learn from them to further my own teaching and future pupils experiences of the subject itself.