Neil Hemfrey

  • Position: Student Teacher
  • Location: Aberdeen, UK

My name is Neil Hemfrey. I am 24 years old and I am currently living in Aberdeen while I train as a student teacher of RMPS. I have recently finished my first school placement at Northfield Academy and will begin my second placement at Mackie Academy soon.

Before I started teacher training I finished my joint honour degree in philosophy and sociology. During the studying of which I focused, in particular, on religion in society and moral philosophy. I feel these subjects have given me good knowledge, understanding and skills that I can apply in the classroom and help pupils develop themselves.

I believe RMPS is one of the most important subjects pupils can study in school because I think it enables pupils to develop skills, knowledge and understanding that are essential to an individual’s self-actualisation and the betterment and maintaining of society. Moreover, in terms of exploring morality, I think it gives pupils a necessary space to develop their own moral codes of conduct and ‘put themselves to the test’. This is an area I believe people need to be well practised in especially when they live in a peaceful society and opportunities lack to exercise moral decision making and actions. If this area is neglected I believe we risk ‘passing the buck’ and becoming inept at handling the psychological and emotional toll of dealing with moral situations.

I have had no experience of teaching or studying RMPS abroad which is why I am interested in the Ready Project. I think it will be fascinating and invaluable to learn how RE, or RMPS, is taught in Germany and the reasons for this. I am hopeful that we can share resources, viewpoints and knowledge in order to improve the teaching of RMPS in Scotland, as well as offer more of a variety of experiences for Scottish pupils.

Topics I have taught and will be teaching in RMPS include: Islam, Christianity, The Order of St John, Buddhism, Relationships, Parallel Worlds and Multiverse Theory, Scientology, Judaism, Philosopher’s Island, Euthanasia, Cloning, Sikhism, Environmental Ethics, Religion and Culture, and Morality and Conflict.

I look forward to teaching and exploring many other topics in the future as technology, cultures, belief systems progress, advance and are created.