Marilyn Hamilton

  • Position: Probationer Teacher
  • Location: Nairn, Scotland

About me:  I live in Nairn, a picturesque seaside town in the Highlands of Scotland with my husband Douglas and three young children, Ruth, Freya and Calum (and our cat Angus). 

Hobbies:  I enjoy going bike rides with the children, swimming and walks on the beach with my family and spending time with friends.  On the rare occasions I get any time for myself when I’m not studying I enjoy yoga and pilates.  Favourite food is Italian, favourite wine is sauvignon blanc.

Studies: Currently I’m studying PGDE Secondary Teaching RMPS at Aberdeen University.  I studied as Undergraduate through The Open University, completing Batchelor of Science Open Degree including Social Sciences, Child Development, Psychology, History of Religion and Religious Studies.

Religious and Moral Education:  I am passionate about RMPS in schools and the importance of teaching our children to understand and appreciate others beliefs and faith.  I love the diversity of our subject and the fascinating and relevant topics that we get to share with our pupils.  I particularly enjoy ethics within the subject and have enjoyed teaching a unit on Organ Donation.  I teach ages 12 - 18 years old.  On my first student placement I have enjoyed teaching, Christianity, Islam, existence of God, organ donation, crime and punishment and religion and conflict.

READY project:  I am delighted to be part of this project and be involved in the sharing of religious education and learn more about how it is delivered in schools across Europe.  The world is changing and people’s views of religion and traditions within religions are changing.  By sharing experiences we can improve and create religious education which is relevant in contemporary society.  I look forward to meeting and working with our fellow RE student teachers when we visit Tübingen.