Hannah Pyne

  • Position: Probationer Teacher
  • Location: Aberdeen, UK

I have wanted to become an RMPS (Religious, Moral and Philosophical studies) teacher since I was 15. I was fortunate to be involved in a project called ‘Coping with conflict’ which looked at religious conflict around the world and how dialogue and understanding could help promote peace. This involved students from Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland, England, Israel and Palestine. After completing my A levels in England, I moved to Scotland to complete my Undergraduate degree in Religious studies and Sociology at the University of Aberdeen. I specialised in theories of religion in my Religious studies undergraduate studies, while in Sociology, I explored ideas of secularisation and changes in society regarding religion.

I have had a range of experience in schools, both in England and Scotland. As part of my formal training is have been placed at Robert Gordon’s College, an Independent School in Aberdeen. My next placement will take me to Dunfermline High School, a few miles north of Edinburgh.

I am particular interested in cultures and world religions. I feel in a diverse and interconnected world, understanding faith and belief is more important than ever to encourage peace and allow us to work together, focusing on what brings us together and not what separates us.

Topics I have covered while training: 

•          Religion, Art and Expression

•          The Death Penalty

•          Dialogue

•          The Problem of suffering and evil

•          Origins of the Universe

•          Jesus- Man or Myth?

•          Wealth, Poverty and Charity

•          Crime and Punishment in the UK

•          Buddhism

•          Religion and Conflict

With our German colleagues, I am currently working on a small project focusing on conflict within society. I hope to able to teach this on my second placement and look forward to visiting German in May to experience Religious Studies in another country.