Matthew Carle

  • Position: Probationer Teacher
  • Location: Aberdeen, UK

About me: My name is Matthew Carle. I am twenty-nine years old and studying for a PGDE in Religious, Moral and Philosophical Studies at the University of Aberdeen and teaching in schools in Aberdeen.

My Studies: I completed my Master of Arts in Philosophy and Sociology in 2009. During my studies, I was particularly drawn to moral philosophy and my dissertation was a discussion on the possibility of objective moral facts. My studies in sociology helped me develop an understanding of the role of religion in modern society and how it has shaped modern Scotland. This area of study also allowed me to examine the topic of secularisation in the modern world. I hope that my passion for these topics and for learning in general is something I can pass on to my pupils.

Teaching RMPS: During my school experience, I have been given opportunity to teach learners about a range of religious topics, including units on Christianity and Hinduism, as well as moral topics such as animal rights, racism and war. I have also been able to spend time teaching a higher philosophy class as they explored David Hume’s discussion on the nature of causation. I hope that through Ready, I can gain a better understanding of how Religious Education is delivered outside of the Scottish context.