Michael Dove

  • Position: Student Teacher
  • Location: London, UK

Subjects: My undergraduate degree is in Philosophy. I specialise in Political Philosophy, Ethics and Philosophy of Religion. I am currently studying a Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) in Religious Education.

What I do outside of the classroom: Outside of the classroom I frequently play golf in my hometown in Surrey and regularly follow sports including my beloved team Manchester United. I also enjoy exploring galleries and museums throughout London and the surrounding area. 

My experience of RE in the UK: I have taught RE at an all-girls school in central London and a mixed school in North London. I continue to develop my skills and qualities as an RE teacher and have enjoyed both of my placements. I recently accepted a position as an RE teacher in a mixed academy school in central London and I am excited to begin teaching there.

Why I like to teach RE: I think RE has a lot to offer students and plays a significant role in the development of students into successful young adults who are also religiously literate. Furthermore, I enjoy teaching philosophy within RE and find that students like to engage which tricky concepts and discuss ethical problems in debates.

Why I am involved in the READY Project: I feel that there are always ways to improve the standard of RE education in the classroom, and understand that the READY project has the potential to enhance standards across Europe as RE professionals learn from each other. I visited Vienna on a study trip and learned a significant amount from how RE is taught there and how some aspects of Austrian RE teaching could be integrated into the London classroom.