Siddiqa Khatun

  • Position: Siddiqa Khan
  • Location: London, UK

Subjects: My undergraduate degree was in the Study of Religions and Philosophies. I specialise in the 6 main faiths of the world as well as Philosophy and Ethics. I am currently doing a Postgraduate Certificate of Education (PGCE) in Religious Education.

Outside of the Classroom: I am quite an active and outgoing person. I like to keep fit by going to the gym, running and swimming with my friends. I also enjoy going for meals and events/talks about issues faced by the Muslim youth today.

My experience of RE in the UK: RE for me has been quite diverse and in depth, especially as I did it at a university level/ Teaching it has been a very different experience. I have taught at a mixed academy in East London and am now at an all girls comprehensive in Central London. It has been challenging due to how fascinating a subject it is, but having very little time per week to be able to demonstrate that to pupils. Though teaching RE has been slightly limited, it has also been very insightful.

Why I like to teach RE: I love to teach RE because of how well-rounded the subject is. The w=most rewarding aspect is when I get to see pupils really take the opportunity to discuss controversial topics and develop skills in them they would not have done elsewhere. Pupils are always interested in RE because of the fact that it goes into the topics of crime, law, politics, English, History etc... It is definitely a subject that goes beyond the classroom and pupils can see that themselves.

Why I am involved in the READY Project: Since I believe that RE is a critical subject and key to a quality education, I believe there is a lot more that can be done in order to improve RE in the UK. Having been to Vienna, I have noticed many differences, some of which I have definitely felt could be introduced in the UK. I believe the READY Project is a step forward into ensuring RE in the UK is at a better standard than now.