Matthew Turner

  • Position: Student Teacher
  • Location: London, UK

My name is Matt Turner and I am a PGCE Religious education student at the UCL Institute of Education. After a first degree in Philosophy I completed Masters study where I took a particular interest in contemporary continental philosophy and Jungian Analytical Psychology.

My experience of RE: I have experience of teaching RE in a mixed south London academy where I taught RE to students aged 11-16 and A level students aged 16-18. I also have experience of teaching RE in a south west London boy’s school to students aged 11-16. Recently, I accepted an offer of a teaching position in a south London Catholic boys school.

Why I like to teach RE: As a teacher of RE I hope to be able help students develop into critical thinkers who are able to sensitively reflect on their own experience and belief systems as well those of other people. I particularly enjoy helping students to engage philosophically with difficult concepts and questions.

Why I am involved with the READY Project: Being part of the READY Project offers an invaluable opportunity to learn from other practitioners from different contexts about diversity in RE. I had the opportunity to travel to Vienna to learn about the teaching of RE and returned to London with lots of thoughts and ideas for improving my own practice and sharing with my colleagues.