Martina Meng

  • Position: Student Teacher
  • Location: Tübingen, Germany

My name is Martina Meng. I’m 26 years old and a teacher trainee for English and RE. I live and teach in Reutlingen, which is pretty close to Tübingen.

I’m interested in both the e-twinning in general and READY. I think the possibility to exchange material and experience with other teachers all over Europe is just great! As a language teacher, this offers a whole new range of opportunities.

As I had the opportunity to spend a term abroad teaching in a religious boarding school in Ireland, I’m also interested in READY. RE offers a lot of possibilities, I think. It is a lot of work and many people are rather prejudiced against this subject. So why not join forces to make it even more interesting?

Here are some things I’m interested in – not only RE:

-          Ideas about school mass

-          Interviewing other religious pupils

-          What is it like to be in a religious/non-religious school?

-          Language pen-pals

-          Move your class-room: sports and teaching language/RE