Katharina Kilian

  • Position: Student Teacher
  • Location: Pfullingen, Germany

My name is Katharina. I’m 30 years old and I just moved to Pfullingen (so I can walk each morning to my school). Beside Philosophy/ Ethics, my subjects are German and History. Most of my studies I completed in Würzburg (Bavaria). After my graduation in 2009 I went to several countries (Slovakia 2010, Italy 2010-12 and China 2012-14) to teach German as a foreign language. The reason to come back to Germany was to complete my teacher education by doing the “Referendariat” (the teacher training programme which takes 1 ½ years).

Living abroad I automatically compared school and education systems in different countries and I always enjoyed to exchange thoughts and experiences with people from other countries.

Talking about the “German” teacher education I think it's important to consider that there are a lot of differences between the 16 German “Bundesländer”. I for instance had to take two other subjects beside Philosophy because in (the quite catholic) Bavaria the subject Philosophy is just counting as a third (!) but not as a second subject. That means it's not possible to study just German and Philosophy in Bavaria for being a teacher. But it is in Tübingen (which belongs to another “Bundesland”: Baden-Württemberg). Another example is how long the “Referendariat” (the teacher training programme) takes: in Tübingen it takes 1 ½ years but in Bavaria 2 years.