Lydia Hüsemann

  • Position: Student Teacher
  • Location: Tübingen, Germany

My name is Lydia Hüsemann. I’m 28 years old. Currently I’m living in Tübingen and I am teaching at a school nearby in Reutlingen.

My subjects: RE from a protestant perspective, psychology and English (I am teaching form 7 and 10 in RE and form 7 in English à there will also be one unit about Scotland in my English lessons this year ;)

My experiences with RE abroad: I have been a Nanny of two boys in New Jersey, USA for one year. It was very interesting to see that on the one hand religion is a topic in school, for example when they do the pledge of allegiance every morning, where god is also part of it. On the other hand, they don’t have a subject like RE. I have made the similar experience during my studies at the west coast where it was not possible to study theology at a state university. (Sacramento State University) In comparison to Germany religion and school/university are strictly divided.

Why am I interested in participating in READY? I think your concept of RE is very interesting. I would like to learn more about the way you make different religions the subject of discussions without being a member of the religion yourself. I’m also interested to see if Scottish students in RE class are in any way different from German students ;) I find it quite challenging sometimes to keep people excited about topics that are connected to religion.

What are my topics this year in RE? I have prepared a video together with Katharina Jakobi. We both teach at the same school. She also teaches RE, but from a catholic perspective. We will both teach the unit “death and grief” in form 10, where we will talk about burial rituals and after life interpretations in different religions. Another topic this year in form 7 will be a project about “plurality starts in the classroom – being protestant today”. It would be nice to work on one of the topics together with you.