Angela Lemke

  • Position: Student Teacher
  • Location: Tübingen, Germany

My name is Angela. I’m 27 years old and I am currently living in Tübingen. Beside RE, my subjects are English and Psychology. Most of my studies I completed in Tübingen. In 2010, I did a year abroad in Edinburgh, where I studied Divinity at the University of Edinburgh – and since then I’m in love with Scotland ;)

During my studies in Edinburgh, I realised a lot of differences between the Scottish and the German university system with regard to the studies of Divinity / Theology. I’ll list some of those differences – of which some are plain facts, and some my own opinion and therefore debatable – for further discussion:

· The denominational separation at German universities with almost no cooperation between Catholics and Protestants.

· I have the feeling that Tübingen (and maybe Theology in Germany as a whole) is very content oriented, whereas Edinburgh (and maybe all of Scotland) is very experience oriented. For instance, students of Theology in Tübingen are required to study Ancient Greek and Latin, whereas both languages are almost neglected in Edinburgh. Edinburgh on the other side focuses on current topics and issues, such as “World Christianity” and “Religion and Ethics”, which are both two main subjects in their curriculum.

· Teacher training in general is a lot different in Scotland / the UK than in Germany, which might also be partly due to the different school systems. To become a teacher for secondary level in Germany, you have to study at least two subjects at university – those that you’ll teach later. The average length of study is 5 years – for Theology / Divinity it’s even 6 years for those who have to complete any languages (Ancient Greek or/and Latin). Those studies don’t include a lot of pedagogy. This only follows during the Referendariat (the teacher training programme) which takes another 1 ½ years.

I’m very much looking forward to getting to know you all. If you’ve got any questions / comments, just let me know.