KPH Wien

The Church University College of Teacher Education Vienna/Krems (KPH) was founded in 2007.

The institution is unique in Europe in its ecumenical and interreligious orientation. It is run by the Christian churches (Roman Catholic, Protestant A.B. and H.B., Orthodox and Oriental Orthodox and Old Catholic). In terms of an enlightened Christian perspective the University College fosters the ecumenical and interreligious cooperation of all Christian churches, including the state-recognised Free Churches, and the Alevi, Jewish and Islamic faith communities.

Moreover, with its five campuses in Vienna and Lower Austria it is Austria’s largest private university college of teacher education. Based on a balanced curriculum of initial teacher training, professional development, in-service training and further education, the KPH offers opportunities for teachers to acquire qualifications and professionalisation in order to be able to meet the challenges in the fields of general pedagogy and religious education.

Our mission statement is based on the following principles:

          Our basis is the Christian understanding of the human being
          Reflected diversity is our strength
          Promotion of talent is our passion
          Responsibility is our key concept
          Mutual acceptance and esteem mark our organisational culture

We offer a four-year training programme for the teaching diploma for Primary Schools and in cooperation with the University of Vienna as well as other University Colleges for New Middle Schools and Lower and Upper Secondary Schools. In the course of their training, students can choose religion as their focal point (primary level) or as an ordinary subject.

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