Karlstad University

Karlstad University (KAU), is one of Sweden’s young and dynamic universities, located at the beautiful lake Vänern in the western part of the country. Currently Karlstad University offers a wide range of programs in humanities and fine arts, social and economic sciences, natural sciences, engineering and technology, health care and teacher training. Teacher training has a long history in Karlstad – longer than KAU’s status as a university, in fact, teacher education thus lies at the core of the university; it enjoys a good reputation, and many teachers have got their basic training there. The field of religious education is an essential part. Early on, KAU developed an RE-didactics based on the stories found in the various religious traditions.

A unique feature of KAU’s religious education is its international connections, enabling students to study both in Jerusalem and Varanasi, India. The “India program” has been running for more than 25 years, and through it many teacher students and scholars of religion have acquired knowledge and experiences invaluable in their practices.  Kristian Niemi and Prof Dr Kerstin von Brömssen are members of the consortium. Read more at https://www.kau.se/en/about-university