Graeme Nixon

Dr Graeme Nixon is a leading figure in the on-going development of RE curricula in Scotland. He has contributed publications, guidance, and advice to bodies who oversee the provision of Scottish education. These include Learning and Teaching Scotland, Education Scotland, and the Scottish Qualifications Authority. Graeme has published online support materials for pupils, parents, and teachers, on areas such as Religious Observance in schools, the Dalai Lama, Aung San Suu Kyi, and international research on Religious Education. Graeme served as the Convener (2010 -14) of the Scottish Joint Committee for Religious and Moral Education (SJCRME), during which time he published curricular guidance and responses to curriculum development on behalf of the SJCRME. He has successfully lobbied for the widening of membership of the SJCRME to include representation from the Humanist Society for Scotland. Graeme has also spoken at events in order to disseminate information about Religious Education to the Scottish Interfaith Council, the Scottish Secular Society, and the Humanist Society of Scotland. Dr Nixon also serves (2008 - present) as the Scottish representative on the board of the European Forum of Religious Education Teachers (EFTRE). In this role, Graeme has published the national report for EFTRE on Religious Education in Scotland, and has also presented at EFTRE conferences and board meetings on mindfulness and compassion in Religious Education. Dr Graeme Nixon is a Senior Teaching Fellow within the School of Education. Dr Nixon has published and presented research into Religious Education for peer reviewed journals and international conferences. This includes research into the ‘philosophication’ of Religious Education; management in schools; the effects of secularization on Religious Education, and Mindfulness in schools. Dr Nixon’s current research is into conscientious withdrawal from Religious Education, which includes a review of international and European perspectives on the rights of the child and parents in the context of Religious Education. Graeme's staff profile: